Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2

Improve your conversational skills and broaden the things you can do confidently.

Are you tired of everyday life being a never-ending series of awkward social encounters?


You’ve learned your first words in Albanian and people love it – and then they seem to think you’re fluent and you didn’t understand any of what they just said.

Turns out… It takes more than saying ‘Good Morning’ and ‘Good Night’ to live a good and fulfilling life.

Being able to ask for what you need is the first step.

But how do you avoid the rest of the conversation turning into another one of those awkward social interactions you’ll end up telling people about once the shame has worn off?

(My friend told me a story about miming ‘chicken breast’ at the butcher once…)

How do you make sure when you set out for the day to buy something specific or complete a task that you actually get it done instead of giving up and thinking “I’ll get these trousers hemmed when I’m back home.”

Not understanding what’s going on makes every day tasks like buying foods that are not packaged, shopping for clothes in neighbourhood shops, getting things tailored, talking about dietary restrictions, going to the pharmacy and so many more things an absolute nuisance.

So, you put them off.

You don’t get the meds or checkups you need.

You pay too much for services.

You can’t get the foods you want to eat.

You’re not living life. You’re simply waiting for the days to pass.

Up until now you had 3 options to change this…

Take 1:1 lessons with a tutor that you may not be able to afford right now.

Join a group class that requires you to be present physically far away from your house or at an inconvenient time.

Do nothing and accept your fate.

But now there is another way…

Imagine what it would feel like to live life like normal human again…

How would you feel if you could finally go to your neighbourhood doctor instead of having to make an appointment at a private hospital for a simple issue – just because they speak English? Or how about going to the pharmacy to ask if they have a medicine to help with a specific issue?

How would it feel to be able to walk into shop that has a cute dress or pair of shoes in the window and ask about the price, and what sizes they have and whether you can try it on? How about walking into any market and finding out about the nuts they have available, how much they are per kilo and telling them exactly how much you want?

Or how about renting an apartment directly from a family or from an agent without being charged ‘foreigner prices’ all just because you speak enough Albanian for people to realise this is not going to work on you? That could add up to hundreds of dollars/euros per month that you can out away for your future.

Or how about saving some extra money on traveling around Albania and beyond over the Summer, just because you can research different local tour operators and reach out to them? Or because you can book hotels directly by calling and therefore get better rates?

And these are just some of the things you’ll be able to do without any issues after completing The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2.

Introducing The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2

The Beginner Albanian Course Level 2 is here and it’s the perfect solution to help you expand the types of conversations you can have, learn new words and essential grammatical concepts, helping you to feel like you’re living a good life in your new country or to enable you to communicate more in your partner’s language.

With our comprehensive curriculum, experienced instructor, and interactive lessons, you’ll quickly grasp these additional Albanian skills.


Start Learning Today!

What Arsen’s Students Say

Who is your Instructor?

Arsen Cenaj

Hi, I’m Arsen Cenaj 👋

And since 2020 I have taught more than 100 students from around the world in over 1900 one-to-one lessons.

Learning Albanian is not easy. It’s a fun and challenging experience, and you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment as you progress.

The number one complaint I have heard from my students about learning Albanian, is that there is a lack of self-study resources available online. 

So I made it my mission to change this and founded RealAlbanian.com in June 2023.

My goal is simple: to provide a comprehensive and accessible online program that will help you to finally speak Albanian with confidence.

So, are you ready to finally speak Albanian?

Are you ready to make daily life in Albania more enjoyable and fulfilling? 

Then join me on this exciting adventure with The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2.

I can’t wait to be your guide on this language learning journey.

Warm regards,


The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2: Expand your Communication Skills

Ready to start learning more Albanian words and every day grammatical concepts?

Then join us for our brand new online course: The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2.

This course is designed for those Albanian Learners that already know some basics like the alphabet, greetings, numbers and definite/indefinite articles. (Check the FAQ for the detailed breakdown, and what to do if you’re not there yet)

Over the next few weeks we will be covering a variety of topics such as shopping, coffee, pastries and bakeries, restaurants, doctor and pharmacy, airport, hotel acommodation, emergency services, renting and buying, banking and post office and accessing service providers (like electricians or tailors).

Who is this course for?

Expats living in Albania, who are tired of overpaying and jumping through hoops to try and get anything done.

Individuals planning to relocate to Albania for work or personal reasons and want to be prepared with a solid understanding of the language.

Those in relationships with Albanians who want to explore their partner’s cultural heritage and communicate with their family members in Albania.

Albanians that have left their home country as children and now want to reconnect with their own language and cultural heritage.

Professionals working in multinational companies and organisations with Albanian partners or clients, aiming to improve their communication skills.

Students studying abroad in Albania who want to fully immerse themselves in the country’s rich linguistic and cultural heritage.

Language enthusiasts fascinated by the Albanian language and eager to expand their linguistic repertoire.

Who is this course NOT for?

❌ Those who have never learnt a single word in Albanian. Check the FAQ at the bottom for detailed language requirements for this class.

❌ Those who aren’t willing to do the work of learning a language and are simply waiting to absorb it by osmosis. Learning a language is a bit like getting fit, watching fitness videos will not get you results, you actually have to exercise.

❌ Whose who have a tendency to give up as soon as they are faced with a new concept that initially seems challenging. We know that you can do it – but we need you to believe it too.

What results can you expect from taking this course?

1. Engage in more complex everyday conversations: Learn the essential vocabulary and phrases needed to communicate in common situations, such as in a restaurant or at the pharmacy and understand other essential grammatical concepts like verbs in past, present and future.

2. Build relationships: Develop a deeper connection with Albanian friends, colleagues, or romantic partners and their family by understanding their culture and speaking their language.

3. Enhance travel experiences: Feel confident and empowered while exploring Albania by being able to interact with locals, navigate public transportation, and discover hidden gems.

4. Improve cultural understanding: Gain insights into Albanian culture, customs, and traditions through language learning, fostering a greater appreciation for the country and its people.

5. Boost professional opportunities: Stand out in the job market by showcasing your commitment to cross-cultural communication and your ability to work effectively in diverse environments.

6. Lay a foundation for further language learning: Create a solid groundwork for future language acquisition, whether it’s for personal interest, academic pursuits, or career prospects.

By joining The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2, you’ll continue your fulfilling language learning journey that will equip you with the skills and confidence to navigate the Albanian language and culture with ease. 

Let’s start this exciting adventure together!

What Arsen’s Students Say

What’s included in the live-round of The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2?

✅ 10 Structured Lessons – 

Join me for 10 interactive lessons that will equip you with the essential tools to communicate effectively in Albanian. 

Outcome: Gain the confidence to have basic conversations with locals, navigate daily life in Albania, or communicate with your Albanian partner and their family.

✅ Lifetime Access to the course recordings and materials

You will receive your own login to our members area where you will find the course materials, PDFs and any other materials added. You will have access to this for as long as the course exists.

Outcome: Dive back into the course any time you need to refresh your memory, plus access any additional materials created for future students so you can benefit from them as well.

Sign up for The Beginner Albanian Course at an Unbeatable Price!

What’s included again?

10 structured modules allowing you to expand your Albanian skills starting today

✅ Access to the course recordings in our course platform so you can refer back to them any time

✅ Access to all future course updates

Join The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2

Only €147

What Arsen’s Students Say

The Beginner Albanian Course – Level 2: The Curriculum

Lesson 1 – All Things Shopping (Food & Clothes)

Lesson 2 – At the Coffee Shop, Bakery and Pastry Shop

Lesson 3 – At the Restaurant & Ordering Takeaways

Lesson 4 – At the Doctor and Pharmacy

Lesson 5 – At the Airport, Traveling

Lesson 6 – Hotel Accomodation

Lesson 7 – Calling the Emergency Services

Lesson 8 – Renting and Buying an Apartment

Lesson 9 – Services: Plumber, Electrician, Car Mechanic etc.

Lesson 10 – Going to the Bank & Post Office

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is The Beginner Albanian Course and how does it differ from other language learning programs?

The Beginner Albanian Course Level 2 is an online course teaching students with some prior knowledge of Albanian.

How much Albanian do I need to know to be able to join?

To be able to take part in this course you need some foundational knowledge in Albanian.

The students from our previous course have completed the following topics (the ones in bold are essential grammatical concepts for you to understand to be able to take this class): alphabet, pronouns, greetings, the verbs jam and kam in present tense, sentence structure, the difference between definite and indefinite, numbers 0-1000, how to tell time, days of the week, time expressions, daily activities, seasons, months, weather, clothing, colours, adjectives, demonstrative pronouns, possessive pronouns, participle po, prepositions of place, professions, body parts and illnesses, numbers 1000+, likes and dislikes, locations and location adverbs, asking and giving directions, buying tickets, public transport, taking a taxi, food, fruits, vegetables, quantities.

If you are not sure if you understand the bold entries well enough, then start with our Beginner Albanian Class here.

Will I be able to speak in Albanian after completing this course?

That depends on you. You can find the full course content we will be covering here here.

If you do the lessons and complete the exercises and practice, then you will be able to speak Albanian. If you do not do the lessons, don’t do the homework and don’t practice – then you will probably not be able to speak Albanian.

So the question is, are you in?

What topics will be covered and how comprehensive is the curriculum?

You can find the full curriculum here (*link to curriculum section).

Will I get access to any other learning materials other than the videos?

You will get access to the PDFs to go along with the lessons in our online course platform.

Can I expect personal feedback and guidance from the instructor during the course?

This is a self-study course, however you will have the option to book additional 1:1 sessions at a discounted rate.

What is your refund policy?

Due to the digital nature of this product and the fact that you get immediate access, we will not be giving refunds. If you’re not sure if the course is right for you, email us your questions any time: info@realalbanian.com