Real Albanian had the incredible opportunity to participate in GEN-E 2023, the largest European Entrepreneurship Event. The event, which celebrated entrepreneurship, featured the accomplishments of European students. It brought together hundreds of young entrepreneurs from 43 European countries, who presented their innovative business ideas and competed for the prestigious titles of Best Company and Best Start-Up of the year.

What is GEN-E and its Organizers:

GEN-E is a remarkable celebration organized by Junior Achievement Europe, a non-profit organization dedicated to preparing young people for employment and entrepreneurship. It serves as a platform where aspiring entrepreneurs can showcase their innovative ideas and talents.

Location and Dates of GEN-E:

This year, GEN-E took place in Istanbul, Turkey, from July 11th to July 14th, 2023.

Preparing for the Event:

Real Albanian is part of the Junior Achievement Albania start-up acceleration program called “Junior Up.” This program provided invaluable training and guidance, helping us navigate the world of business. Gerion Treska, the “Incubation & Acceleration Program Manager” for JA Albania, served as our startup trainer and mentor, playing a pivotal role in shaping our idea and preparing us for GEN-E.

Unforgettable Experiences at GEN-E:

Day 1:

During the first day of the event, we had the opportunity to rehearse our big presentation in front of the jury. Additionally, we attended the inspiring workshop “Unlocking Success: Mastering Logistics with FedEx,” which provided valuable insights into the world of logistics.

Day 2:

The second day was filled with excitement. We began with the grand Opening Ceremony, which energized us and highlighted the magnitude of the event. We were the first to present our business idea to the jury among 20 other businesses. Though nerve-wracking, it was an enjoyable experience to share our idea with the jury and the audience. The four-minute pitch felt like a fleeting moment, and afterward, we had the pleasure of listening to the other 19 pitches, witnessing the incredible business ideas from across Europe.

Real Albanian on Stage

Later in the day, we attended “The EY Entrepreneurship Lab Hosted by JA Alumni Europe,” where we learned from eight entrepreneurship experts. To conclude the day on a high note, we embarked on the Bosphorus Boat Tour, enjoying the stunning views of Istanbul and unwinding after a long day.

Day 3:

Day 3 was equally exciting as we had our own stand in the Expo, providing an opportunity to showcase Real Albanian in greater detail. We were visited by juries and competitors, but one particular visit stood out—Blerta Kadzadej, General Counsel of the General Consulate of the Republic of Albania in Istanbul, praised our project as a valuable tool for Albanians and expats in Albania who want to learn the Albanian language.

The event culminated with the awards ceremony, where our startup was recognized as one of the top five nominees for the “Euroclear Financial Performance Award.”


Participating in GEN-E 2023 was a truly authentic experience for Real Albanian. We are grateful for the support of Junior Achievement Albania, our mentor Gerion Treska, and the opportunity to showcase our business idea on a European platform. This event not only provided us with invaluable exposure but also inspired us through the diverse and innovative ideas presented by fellow entrepreneurs from across Europe. GEN-E will forever hold a special place in our entrepreneurial journey, reminding us of the limitless possibilities and the vibrant spirit of the Albanian entrepreneurial community.