Empowering Learning Albanian: Real Albanian’s Triumph through Junior Achievement

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Real Albanian, a groundbreaking startup, emerged from the passion to provide an innovative platform for learning Albanian independently – Empowering Learning Albanian is our goal. This idea, conceived in January, aimed to create a space where individuals could access practice materials and recorded lessons to master the Albanian language. The journey of Real Albanian took a significant turn when it became a part of the JuniorUP startup acceleration program, facilitated by “Junior Achievement of Albania” and funded by AADF.

JuniorUP Journey

In May, the startup embarked on its JuniorUP journey, participating in a selection bootcamp that featured 25 unique business ideas. Real Albanian stood out, securing the first place among the top 11 ideas. This marked the beginning of an enriching experience, encompassing seven training sessions and invaluable mentoring. Seven intensive training sessions and invaluable mentoring sessions followed, refining Real Albanian into a platform that not only teaches Albanian but fosters a community of language enthusiasts. The program not only refined Real Albanian’s initial concept but also played a pivotal role in shaping it into the dynamic platform it is today. However, the most thrilling part of the journey was yet to come on November 7th.

Demo Day and Pitching

November 7th witnessed Real Albanian, alongside six other startups, pitch their ideas in front of a distinguished jury. The panel comprised:

Grant Van Cleve, President of the American Chamber of Commerce and co-founder of Holberton School Albania

Blerina Guga, CEO of Junior Achievement Albania

Dritan Mezini, Founder of DuaPune and DMConsulting

Ravik Mima, Representative of Kieretsu Forum.

The results were a testament to Real Albanian’s innovative approach, as it secured the first place and a substantial investment of $10,000. Following closely were RentX in second place with $10,000, N’arte in third place with $7,000, and The Path in fourth place, also with $7,000.

Future Plans

With the newly acquired funds, Real Albanian is strategically planning its next steps. Out of the $10,000, $4,500 will be allocated to marketing initiatives, aiming to reach a broader audience. Another $3,500 will be invested in content creation, with the goal of launching at least five recorded courses. Additionally, $2,000 will be dedicated to podcast creation, aiming to release the first 10 learning podcasts in Albanian.

Real Albanian is not just about its team; it’s about the community it serves. To further involve the audience, the startup has opened a form for suggestions. If you are learning Albanian, your ideas can contribute to shaping the future of Real Albanian. Your feedback is not only valued but vital.


Real Albanian extends its heartfelt gratitude to everyone who played a role in this incredible journey. The team is thankful to Junior Achievement for orchestrating the acceleration program, a catalyst that significantly contributed to refining their idea.

The financial support provided by AADF has been instrumental in the establishment and growth of Real Albanian, and the team acknowledges this crucial contribution.

The trainers, with their wealth of knowledge and expertise, deserve special mention. Their commitment to providing top-notch education has been a driving force behind Real Albanian’s success.

The esteemed jury members, Grant Van Cleve, Dritan Mezini, and Ravik Mima, recognized the vision of Real Albanian and bestowed their trust, marking a significant milestone for the startup.

Most importantly, Real Albanian expresses deep gratitude to its mentor, Gerion Treska, whose unwavering support and insightful guidance have been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving success.

As Real Albanian continues to grow, the team wishes for other aspiring teams, whether founded or not, to pursue their dreams with determination and become the best entrepreneurs they can be. The journey doesn’t end with success; it continues with gratitude, learning, and a commitment to empowering others.



Arsen is the Founder here at Real Albanian. He has been teaching Albanian to Foreigners and Albanians abroad and it's his mission to make learning Albanian accessible to everyone.


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